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A2 Milk

Milk Contains Various Minerals, Vitamins, Calciums, Proteins etc. The Beta Casein in the milk is classified into A1 & A2 Beta Casein. The Beta Casein Present in Desi Indian Zebu cattle is called A2. Which according to scientist are harmless & better for human consumption. Unlike the Beta casein present in exotic (Jersey/H.F) cows which is A1 Beta casein.

It is believed that most of the cows naturally produce A2 beta casein protein in their milk. But, due to a mutation that occurred in Middle Eastern Europe some thousands years ago, A1 beta casein became the more predominant protein.

Many consumers and health care professionals report that, when people experience discomfort drinking ordinary cows' milk, they may experience relief when they switch to a2 Milk™.

Essentially, the natural difference in protein structure between a2 Milk™ and all other ordinary cows' milk can lead to a difference in digestive breakdown. There is a deep and growing body of scientific evidence that supports the unique benefits of a2 Milk™. To date, over 100 independent studies have been published that support the A2 protein hypotheses.

Here is one extract that mirrors what health care professionals and academics from around the world have to say:

"In my experience, many people who don't have classic allergic reactions to cow's milk protein nonetheless react badly to ordinary A1 cow's milk (and products made from this), but can happily consume A2 milk without experiencing any of the same problems. Sensitivity to the opioid peptide BCM-7, which is produced from A1 but not A2 milk, could help to explain why this is so.

We still need much more research to find out which groups or individuals are sensitive to BCM-7. The evidence suggests that this kind of intolerance to standard A1 cow's' milk could affect as many as 25% of the general population.

Dr Alex Richardson, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University, UK
Our Milk is purely obtained from High quality Desi cows (country cows) which are organic, sun grazed every day and kept under stress free happy environment. Thus the Milk obtained from our cows are premium milk. Providing various health benefits. Also our milk is harmless as no pasteurization / homogenisation / preservatives / additives are added. The cows are freshly milked in the morning & evening and the farm fresh milk is bottled chilled and delivery to our customers every day. Thus maintaining the freshness and natural quality of the obtained milk.

No Pasteurization
Pasteurization is the process of reducing beneficial bacteria present in the milk which are the reason for curdling of milk by heating process. Decreasing the number of beneficial bacteria would reduce the premium quality of the milk.

No Homogenization
Adding Additives to improve milk taste artificially.

No Preservatives & Additives
Generally Preservatives and additives are added to ensure the milk does not get spoiled. Thus extending the shelf life this is a harmful way leading to health problems.

No Skimming:
Skimming it's the process of removing beneficial fat from the milk thus reducing the taste and useful fat from the milk.