1. Do you supply?

A. Yes

2. Where it is coming from?

A. Tindivanam

3. How much is a litre?

A. Rs.110

4. Minimum Supply?

A. 1 Litre

5. ½ litre available?

A. Yes

6. Delivery time?

A. Inbetween 5 AM to 7 AM

7. Packaging bottle or packet?

A. Packet but in future we 'll provide bottle

8. Herd Strength?

A. About 150 animals

9. What types of cows?

A. All Desi cows from North India - Punjab/Gujarat/Rajasthan (Gir, Sahiwal, Kankrej, Tharparkar)

10. What is A2?

A . "One minute of your time", 2 types of cows, 1 belonging to cold region and another belonging to Arid region,

B. Protein structure breakage in A1 beta casein & genetically mutated.

C. A2 GMO not done, Protein intact in A2 beta casein.

11. Why so expensive?

A. Production cost high due to low yield of milk 8-10 liters (A1 15-30 liters) plus organic, sungrazing & logistic.

12. Sample available?

A. One month subscription

13. Shelf life?

A. Frozen 3-6 days

14. Payment methods?

A. Cash/Account

15. Discount Offers?

A. Sorry maybe in Future

16. How many years fields experience?

A. 7+ years

17. Organic certification?

A. Re-Applied

B. Article about us as organic farm in Newspapers for 7 times

18. Farm visit possible?

A. Yes Any day

19. Out of station possible?

A. Informing 3 days prior

20. If delivery not done?

A. For sure we will deliver

21. Who is your head?

A. Mr.Ahmad

22. Meeting possible?

A. Yes 1 day prior information

23. Office location?

A. Nungambakkam Greata premises

24. Maximum supply distance?

A. 10 kms from Nungambakkam, Mannady, Anna Nagar, Adyar.

25. Who are you?

A. Background portfolio

26. Benefits of this milk?

A. It has close to 500 crore active lactobacillus

B. Not pasteurized milk

C. Not homogenized

D. No value addition

E. Not skimmed

F. No preservatives added

27. What's your USP's?

A. 100% - Desi, A2, Sun grazed, Farm fresh milk & Organic.

B. Not Pasteurized, Homogenized or Additives.

28. Whatsapp Available?

A. Yes

29. Wholesale available?

A. No

30. Only milk or anything else?

A. Right now only milk

31. When are you starting?

A. Nov 1 st week

32. How to trust you?

A. 10yrs field experience

B. Social case targeting 1000 babies & breastfeeding mothers

C. Appeared in Newspaper 7 times

33. Why no Kangayam, Punganur, Umbalacheri?

A. Very low milk yielding cows

34. Why no Jersey or HF?

A. Not A2, its A1 which is not good for health.

35. Full apartments combo offers?

A. Discuss with higher authorities

36. Website/Facebook?

A. Redesigning

37. Company name?

A. Aria dairy farms

B. Brand Name - Purely A2

38. What is pasteurization?

A. Milk has more than 500 crore live lactobacillus bacteria. These are responsible for curdling of milk (shortening shelf life). To increase shelf life the number of lactobacillus bacteria has to be reduced (decreasing of multiplication). The process of reducing bacteria is done by heating.

B. 3 types of pasteurization
i. Boiling normal - 500 >>> 450
ii. Pasteurization - 500 >>> 300
iii. HTP (High temperature pasteurization) - 500 >>> 150
iv. UHTP (Ultrahigh temp pasteurization) - 500 >>> 50
v. Which is not milk just white liquid

39. What is homogenization?

A. Adding additives to improve milk taste artificially

40. What you do to increase shelf life?

A. No pasteurization

B. Hibernation - Putting bacteria to sleep by freezing the milk. After de-freezing the bacteria returns to its normal state.