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Desi Cows

Desi cows classify under bos taurus Indicus or Zebu or commonly known as Desi cows. These cows belong to the hot or aerid climatic conditions and according to Dr.Keith woodworth and various other vedic scholars country cow's milk contains more amount of beneficial bacteria. They also produce milk with Rich amount of A2 Beta casein which are good for human consumption. Cows belonging to the western countries produce a different type of Beta casein called the A1 which according to the many scientist are not suitable for consumption. Our cows are treated to high standards of animal welfare.

Grazing of cows ensures the cows is relaxed to express its natural habits thus keeping them away from stress. Happy cow produce good quality milk, sungrazing also ensures beneficial sun rays or harness through their horns and never in their humps and back thus giving us sun grazed milk with extra benefits.

  • A Progressive Organic farm is in place on the pasture land for growing the green fodder using our own Cows manure. Most of our fodder for the cows are organically grown in house ensuring chemical free food to the cows.
  • We follow natural way of feeding to the cows; a proper nutrition plan has been prepared on a scientific basis incorporating the right proportion of mineral supplements, Vitamins, Calcium, Protein through a combination of green and dry fodder.
  • Calves are being reared properly with their mothers' milk supplemented with nutritional diet before they provide milk for our needs.
  • Health of Cows and Calves are being examined on a regular basis by the Vet doctor.
  • Harvesting of milk is being done by proper (pulsating) machine to ensure high standard of milk and avoid damage to the teats.