About Us

About Us

Back in 2010,

We learned that ordinary cows produce milk with different beta-casein proteins, called A1 and A2. Many people who had discomfort when drinking ordinary cows milk were able to enjoy A2 milk without the same downsides because it contains only the A2 protein and not A1.

We further discovered that, originally, all cows produced only the A2 protein and not A1 (due to a mutation that occurred in Middle Eastern Europe some thousands years ago, A1 beta casein became the more predominant protein and then spread throughout the world).

There were still some cows that produced milk with only the A2 protein, which we identified to be Indian Desi Breeds such as Gir, Sindhi, Sahiwal etc. and ensured they could deliver natural and pure A2 Milk, completely free from the A1 protein, which is highly demanded by people everywhere. So, we formed Aria Dairy Farm entity.

The natural goodness of dairy inspires us to make a difference to our communities. Our vision is to extend the spirit of good health to all and be the go-to source of natural dairy products for everybody and promote profitable organic dairy farming

Our singular focus is on keeping our products natural and of highest quality which nourishes the mind, body and soul. Our specialty is the lack of middleman and transparency in our entire process. For us our cows are the real heroes. We raise our cows providing a neat hygienic environment and take humanitarian care of them, like our own family. Their nutrition, hygiene and intensive care directly impacts the quality of milk, making it wholesome and nutritious.

Purity and retaining nutrient value is our priority as we use no preservatives/stabilizers in any of our products. We avoid unnecessary modern dairy processing to retain vitamins and minerals naturally present in the milk. Our farm located in Tamil Nadu District with about 200 cattles makes for a beautiful habitat for our cows to thrive naturally.

We believe fresh dairy can nurture us and our future generations with its unlimited nutrition potential.

Pure, Organic and natural products might come at a slightly higher price but, we believe, it´s a small price to pay for healthy body and minds. We feel lucky to function at a time where people´s concerns about their well-being is at its peak.